Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I accidentally deleted all of my Thanksgiving pictures off of my camera. As I sat there banging my forehead with my palm and scrunching my eyes shut and covering my face after realizing what I had done, my husband came to the rescue and recovered all of them! He's my hero!

 A few came back recovered in a tiny size; you can't even see them. They are the ones that prove that my best friend Ashley, her husband and baby came to visit us for Thanksgiving. So, no pictures of them but that doesn't mean I will ever forget the amazing memories we made. Cooking all day on Wednesday, treating them to our best barbecue place (RUDY's!) and eating, talking and eating some more on Thursday.
 I love Thanksgiving almost as much as Christmas. I love all of the food, and I love the fact that we can take time to truly think about what we are thankful for and all of God's blessings! Of course, shopping on Friday is our yearly family tradition and the day I usually get my Christmas shopping done.

 I realize the Christmas season is in full swing and this is a little late, but our Thanksgiving in a few less pictures than I would like, but more than I had:

Breaking bread for stuffing:

This is what goes on the bread to make stuffing. Please, please, PLEASE do not ever buy boxed stuffing on Thanksgiving. Please. Your family will thank you! Make it and your life will be forever changed. This recipe has been in our family for as long as I can remember and it's addicting!

The feast!

Each year I realize just how blessed I really am. A wonderful husband who loves me, works so hard for us, follows God and treats me like a Queen. 3 beautiful children who love me unconditionally and are the light of my life (even though they do drive me nuts a few times a day ;), an amazing church and church family, extended family...I don't deserve any of it! God is so good!


~SALLY~ said...

Awww, that stinks about your pictures. :( Thanksgiving isn't about pictures...its about love and thankfulness. Looks like you had plenty of that going around. :) If it is any consolation, my camera is on the fritz right now so I too have no pictures of Thanksgiving, but I have memories and lots of them. :)

momto9 said...

Cute how you are wearing matching sweaters!

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