Friday, May 1, 2015

Nicolas Jay: 8 Months

Nicolas is 8 months old now, really 8 1/2, and sooo much is changing with him I had to do a quick post on what is going on in his life right now.
 I gave up baby books in 2009. ha. So really this is an online baby book for me. Feel free to read along if you wish. :)

He is FIN-A-LLY sleeping through the night (for a month or so now). He started waking up again, so I've let him cry 2-3 nights over the past few weeks but he does great now. 10-11 hours solid, and I'm looking forward to when 12 hours becomes a part of our lives.
 I've noticed a huge change in the solid food area of his life this month. He has cut way down on nursing (not sure how I feel about that) and loves to eat real food. Bread ranks his #1 favorite right now, followed by bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots. This week he tried pizza and was a huge fan. He really eats everything at this point and feeds himself really well! The baby-led weaning style of eating has been so much easier than the way I fed my other kids. I love it!
He's been rocking on his knees and standing on all fours for a few months now, but he won't actually crawl more than a few times before back into scooting where he gets all over the place fast. His favorite place to be is under the kitchen table. :) He loves to pull himself up to standing if the object to pull himself up on is low enough, and then he gets pretty proud of himself.
His eyes are still very blue with no signs of changing yet. My other kids had blue eyes this long, but they were changing at this point so I'm wondering if he'll keep the bright blue?
 And speaking of eyes, he was diagnosed with stribismus, which is the fancy term for wandering eye (or lazy eye). Since it was caught so young (his 6 month well visit) it's not gotten too bad yet and his vision is still fine. He wears a patch on his good eye for 1 hour a day and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! It really doesn't seem to bother him at all. We go for another check up in a few weeks to see if we can cut down to every other day depending on how his muscles are strengthened through this month. I had a list of several pediatric orthopedic Doctors and chose one at random. I was super impressed with him and his office. Later, a friend with a son who has the same problem told me he was the best in our city! I love how the Lord works out little things like that.
His looks are changing quite a bit, but he is still twinnies with Brooke, which she loves.

Phone captures over the past few weeks...

 Happy crawler
First day with his patch
Standing at the couch and tickling big brother's foot ;)
His second fever in just 3 weeks... we all had a day like this yesterday. I think it's teething, because besides being fussy and warm, he has no other symptoms. I do garlic drops in his ears just in case it's that.

I couldn't end on that note, so here's one more of my little guy who is happy 99.9% of the time. ;)

Happy Friday, friends! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Modest Mondays: Stripes and Brights

(Tuesday is the new Monday!)

 Actually, in my defense, Nathan spilled water on my computer and I had to power it down and leave it off for close to a week before attempting to start it back up again. Thankfully, all seems to be fine--thank you Jesus! So now I'm behind in editing and blogging, which is why this post is brought to you on this fine Tuesday.
 I haven't done one of these in way too long, and now that spring is in full swing (even if it is still snowing in your neck of the woods), I have some super fun outfit ideas coming up! For now, I'm so thankful that my sister filled in for me today. :)

Claire is here again with an outfit that I absolutely love. She says:
 Bright colors pair amazingly with black and white stripes. Having a variety of solid skirts in your wardrobe is a huge plus in creating stylish outfits. Find a statement necklace that matches your skirt color, or for an braver more exciting approach, try something that contrasts!

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Goodwill 
Blazer: Goodwill 
Necklace: WalMart 
Flats: Thrifted

This outfit is motivating me to get out thrifting more--practically this entire darling combo was thrifted, and you would never know!

 Hope you all are having a great week!

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