Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th Outfit Inspiration

Ok, I realize I should have posted this much earlier, but I just got dressed for our little 4th get together so I figured I would post this really quick! It's totally bugging me that I didn't straighten out my shirt a little better (or possibly even iron it, the horror), but I was rushed so I'm hoping you all will overlook it! :)
 A little secret... I love red on other people but not really me. So, when Patriotic holidays roll around-- and Christmas, for that matter, I don't have anything to wear. Thankfully, my sister was selling this adorable peplum top on our Instagram shop, so I bought it from her. Yes, we do buy from each other sometimes--or trade clothes. ;) Anyway, I really need to start buying more red for when the occasion arises!

Outfit Details:
Necklace: WalMart (they have so many cute ones for $5!)
Skirt: Also purchased on an Instagram shop. The pictures don't show, but it's lace and has a stretchy waist--so comfy!
Shoes: Target Clearance ($5!)

PS-Had to turn around and give the handsome (hardworking, lawn mowing, dirty) guy taking the pictures the strawberry water when he was done! Thanks babe!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear Brooklynne {Eight}

Dear Brooklynne,

 You've been eight for almost a month now, but I am just getting a chance to sit down and write you a birthday letter. Part of me still can't comprehend you being 8, because I vividly remember being that age and it seems like not too long ago. Hard to believe it was 20 years ago... what?

 Anyway, your birthday fell on Memorial Day this year which was also the day after Molly died. It rained most of the day which seemed fitting for the Little family and their greif and they were heavy on our hearts. However, I wanted to cherish the day because we never know if we have tomorrow and it was even more magnified on your birthday. Your cousins slept over the night before and everyone came over the next day. Since it was raining, we watched movies, sprawled out in various rooms in the house. When it came time to do cake (actually, the key lime pie that you requested) and presents, you beamed shyly, loving every minute. Everyone sang to you and we oohed and aahed over your presents.

 You have changed so much this year, maturing and growing into such a sweet young lady. School changed you a lot; it was a great experience for you. Watching you at this age, changing and maturing so quickly, makes me more aware of my own faults. Although I remember bits and pieces over the years, so many of my childhood memories really started around age 8. Which makes me realize that you'll remember so much now, and that hits me like a ton of bricks. You'll remember my faults, and that scares me. You'll also start realizing (if you haven't already) that Mommy and Daddy are not perfect. My burning desire for you is that when we let you down, you will turn to your Heavenly Father who will never let you down. That you will develop your own yearning to truly know our Saviour and serve him because of your love of him--not because daddy and I want you to.

 8 years ago you made me a Mom, and I love to tell you the story of how happy I was when you were born. Waiting 9 long months to hear daddy say, "IT'S A GIRL"! was the most amazing experience and I will never forget it.
  You have continued to make me so happy every day since then. You have always been so easy to parent with your sweet, easy going spirit. You are such a great big sister and help to me around the house. You are a servant, a quality that has been passed down from daddy to you. 
 You are missing your two front teeth right now and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. You're an excellent reader and have beautiful penmanship. 

 You make daddy and I so happy and proud to be your parents. We love you so much!


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