Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrating Baby #4

Prior to this baby, I had found out the gender of my children 3 different ways—One at birth, one at the ultrasound and one with a gender reveal party. I have to say that for me, finding out at birth is best and even though I’ve had different reasons to find out beforehand the past few times, it will always be my favorite way. The delivery room suspense far surpasses the suspense of when you already know. I can’t explain it, but it is so incredible and I loved it!
 For our second, we found out at the ultrasound and I hated it. No climax, nor warning, just a sudden, simple “it’s a boy”, no excitement, no rush. It was awful and I cried afterwards because I wished I hadn’t found out. So, I knew that was never an option for me again.
 For Nathan we had a gender reveal with balloons, which I loved. There was so much excitement and suspense, and we had to wait 2 days after the ultrasound for my whole family to be present so there was a lot of guessing and talking about it before hand. I knew I definitely wanted to do that again with this baby, but this time with a cake so we could eat it and celebrate even more!

 I’m so thankful to our friends who came and took pictures so I didn’t have to worry about it. I just enjoyed the day and let them capture all of the excitement! So, without further ado, the gender reveal of baby #4!

I love seeing the facial expressions of my sis-in-law and all the kids!

ANOTHER BOY! I knew it! :)

Brooke's face in this seriously almost makes me cry. I know that she would have loved a sister, but she is absolutely thrilled for another baby brother! So sweet!

In answer to the most common question at this point, no, we haven't decided on a name. In fact, we have hardly talked about it! We usually don't fully decided on one until the last few months, anyway, so it will probably be a while. :)

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend! HE is risen!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby #4 Gender Reveal

We had our family--in person and on Facetime--and a few friends over to celebrate with us in finding out if our baby is a boy or girl. I was not at all surprised at the outcome, and we are very, excited!

 I'll do a full post with pictures later, but for now I just wanted to share our happy news!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Praying for my Kids, Snails and S'mores

I've been so convicted over the last few months about praying for my children. Of course I've always prayed for them to be saved when they understood, and to follow God all their days. I've prayed for them in the here and now--please God, PLEASE, help them to obey today--but I haven't really prayed for specifics in their future lives, much to my shame.
 The great thing about the Christian life is that God is so forgiving of our shortcomings and he gently guides and leads us along. At the age of 20 I became a Mom and it's been a roller coaster ever since, a daily, weekly, yearly learning experience.

 I never parented before 2007 and even though I thought I knew a lot about raising kids being the oldest of 9, I knew nothing. Nothing. I knew logistics. I knew the general Biblical principles of raising kids, how to train them and love them, but now I have 3 very big teachers: my own kids. Each one is different and unique, needs to be disciplined, loved and cared for in the way that best speaks to their love language and personality.
 That is why I realized (or God spoke in his still, small voice) that I needed to pray for their specific personalities concerning their futures.

 For instance, Joe Joe has been loud from the minute he came into this world. He let out a piercing wail when the nurse took him away from me to clean him up after he was born, and he's been talking, yelling, laughing and joking around very loudly ever since. He's the life of the party. He loves to be funny, he speaks unashamedly to strangers, telling them whatever comes to mind (which can be really embarrassing at this stage!). So I've started praying that God would use that for him--that he would tell others about God and not be ashamed, that he would proclaim God's Word to all who will hear, that he would win many souls to Him because of his bold witness.

I do the same with my other two, praying that God would use their specific personalities and good characteristics for his honor and glory.

The past few weeks have been full of adventures. Eating under a tent in the living room, catching snails and watching and waiting for them to come out of their shells, s'mores on a Saturday night after working on the yard all day and lots and lots of playing the beautiful sunshine.

I have a very special post coming later this week. Can't wait to share!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby #4, Week 17

The bathroom got a makeover this weekend!

How I'm feeling:
 Back pain at the end of busy days (or when I don't workout/stretch), headaches and generally no motivation to clean my house is how I'm feeling...but this is only some of the time and I am not complaining. 80% of the time I feel perfectly normal! I'm so blessed. I'm super excited to be so close to the halfway point!

 "No Fruit Left behind" policy still in affect. My Dr. has recommended a low carb/low sugar diet (which I'm sure I'll write about sometime soon) so I"m trying to be good. I ate 4 brownies yesterday, if that can tell you where I'm at with the whole "low sugar" thing. Yup. Calories don't count on the weekends though, right? Most days, though, I do "good".

 Belly News?
 I'm still waiting to pop, but enjoying slowly getting bigger each week. I've noticed a little more of a roundness this week!

What I'm looking forward to:
 Without a doubt, finding out if this is a boy or girl in the next few weeks. I'm guessing boy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daily Moments

I haven't done a "daily moments" post in a while, and I figured now is as good a time as any! This post ended up being a lot of pictures of Nathan. He is obviously my one that is willing to let me take pictures of him right now--more than the other ones, at least. He also turned 2 last week, which made him the center of attention for a few days!

Nate's birthday dinner

Joe did his own hair this day

This boy loves his baths. He will get out and then beg for another one an hour later. He always wants to "take a baf"

We grow them stylish in Texas

Gorgeous Spring Day

Climbed up on the stool, grabbed a leftover pork chop and ate it with his bare hands. Such a man!

My 2 year old birthday boy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby #4, Week 15

 How I’m feeling:
 I am feeling awesome! It dawned on me yesterday—I’m not exhausted anymore! I think all pregnant women would agree—the second trimester is definitely the best! I had my appointment last week and I’m measuring 4 days ahead. Normally I measure behind at this point, but I’m sure that the fact that it’s my fourth baby explains the bigger measurements!  Headaches have started, but that’s all part of it!

Nothing new. Still loving fruit—especially green apples, which is a common theme in my pregnancies.

Belly News:
I haven’t changed much! Sometimes I feel like I won't ever get bigger, but I know I need to enjoy the time that I’m feeling good, getting out of bed without the help of a crane effort and bending down without grunting. My skin will be stretched to the max before I know it J

 What I’m looking forward to:

Nothing in particular this week—just loving and enjoying each day with my babies.

**I'm about a week behind right now--I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow! Time is flying!**

Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Cry Over Spilled Sprinkles

It's Monday. We've already had a cup of milk that spilled all over the end table, dripped down onto the carpet and into the toys on the floor. The kids helped me frost cupcakes for Nathan's party tonight which resulted in millions of sprinkles spilled on the floor which I haven't even bothered to sweep up yet. To say the house is a mess would be an understatement.

 Inhale, exhale. Happy Monday!

 This weekend was gloriously warm, like how you might picture the weather in Heaven. Sunny, breezy, puffy white clouds and 78 degrees. We spent all afternoon and most of the evening outside, searching for ladybugs, reading in the sun, swinging, climbing and exploring.

The car we got the kids for Christmas has been awesome. There is a "fast" speed that is perfect for me getting in a good power walk while the 3 of them zoom around having the time of their lives. Brooklynne is a very good driver but Joe...not so much. Which is why he's usually in the passenger seat!

My baby turned 2 yesterday. Two! His present from us was his very first suit and I wanted to eat him all day, he was that cute in it. Of course he couldn't resist finding bugs and dirt on the way out the door to church while he was all dressed up. Typical boy!

By Sunday evening it was 26 degrees. The weather here is so strange! I've confidently told family and friends that the "cold is gone now"...well, I lied. 26 is freezing here for December, let alone March. All that global warming has really affected us, as you can see. We are about to melt! 

 Hope you all had a great weekend, and remember: don't cry over spilled milk. Or sprinkles!