Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am way behind in blogging, but I've found a little time right now so I figured I would catch up from the last month or so! Here's 4 posts in 1...

 Nicolas was one month here, and I thought it would be fun to do a monthly picture on my chair to see how he grows over time. As you can see we were dealing with a lot of baby acne and skin troubles then which thankfully has gone away now (he's almost 2 months!). At his 6 week check up he was 10 pounds, which was surprising as he looked a lot smaller but he's long limbed as they said. He was still eating quite often during the night and Mommy had some very emotional days that mainly stemmed from the exhaustion. My tip to all Moms that can't "sleep when baby sleeps" because of other kids--hang in there! After about 6 weeks or so it got much better and I actually am feeling human again!
 I think I've said it a lot, but Nick is really such a great baby. Happy and content when he's awake and only fusses if he's hungry, needs to be changed or tired. He is the center of attention in this house!


 On September 22nd, my sweet Joe turned 5 years old. I can hardly believe it--5 is a big one! Unfortunately I got a really bad stomach flu, but daddy came through and made him mac and cheese for dinner and put together his strawberry ice cream cake, complete with homemade graham crackers crust!
 Joe has been such a sweet big brother and helper to me now that Brooke is at school all day. He is sweet and sensitive, very obedient and loves to help and calm the baby down if he's fussy. Joe loves to compliment and hug--he is going to make a lady feel very special some day. ;) He loves to tell me I looks beautiful and give me a huge hug, and he always says the sweetest things to his Aunts when he Facetime's them. He is very curious and inquisitive about spiritual things and I really think that he'll get saved soon. 


 A few weeks ago was church's annual bike rodeo. The kids were so excited--it's definitely a highlight of their year! They love dressing up and look so forward to all the activities that the day entails. I mainly look forward to the cute photo op ;).

My gorgeous brother and sister-in-laws family! They go all out and looked SO cute!


 See what I mean about him being so sweet? I can't even handle it sometimes. I have to pick my heart up off the puddle on the floor.

He is doing so well in school! His writing, reading and spelling have all improved immensely. I'm so proud of him, because he works really hard!

At the slightest hint of fall weather, I'm all, get all the hats and hoodies and boots. They are totally unnecessary but who cares? It looks adorable.

Speaking of puddles...

 We potty trained this week.
 It did not go well.
 After day 5, he is back in diapers. Oh yes he is.

 We'll try again next week.

And speaking of next week, it's that time of year again: FAMILY! The first of them arrive in a few days and I cannot wait. It's also the busy season for me with photography, so I can't promise many posts in the coming weeks, but I'll try. ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and boy do I have the best village. After I had Nicolas, it was reaffirmed to me again just how many friends and family we have, surrounding us with love and support. Of course my Mom was here taking care of everything at home, while my in-laws watched the kids for us for a few days and my sister-in-law took them the next week for another little extra break. Friends brought over delicious, home cooked meals, presents for the baby and me, specialty drinks, homemade baked goods, take out lunches and I was constantly receiving texts. “Congratulations, he is beautiful!” “How are you feeling?” “How is the baby?” “We miss you!” “Can’t wait to meet him!”
 Even a month later, I’m still feeling the extra love as friends offer to bring Brooke home from school, ask if I need anything and we even received another meal the other day, just because. Now that I’m out an about more, everyone always asks how I’m feeling and how we are adjusting. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more loved in all of my life. Our village is full of the most caring souls on the planet and it makes the page to the new chapter of our lives turn a whole lot smoother than it would have had we been alone.
 We are so very blessed.

Quick photo dump from the past few weeks:

Hands near mouth, always

"The boys"

Baby blues

He has been such a good baby for us--happy, peaceful and content for the most part ;)

Before my Mom left, we celebrated Joe's birthday a little early. She made ice cream sandwhiches with him and gave him his presents.

I know I'm a little biased, but does he not have the perfect face?!

I'm curious what color his hair will end up being...

No words needed. She's my hero and my kids adore her.

She's adjusting great to going to school every day, and we are settling into our new routine. The first week was really rough on me, not gonna lie, but it was definitely the best decision for us right now and I'm adjusting!

Leaving you with baby toes.
 Happy Friday!

P.S. We have our yearly anniversary Sunday coming up this weekend, and we are praying for many souls to be saved. Please pray with us, would you?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Post of Firsts

School started this week, bringing big changes for our family. This is Brooke's first year attending our church school. She is loving it so far--me, not so much. I miss her, and 9 hours a day is a long time! I'm hoping I'll adjust to it soon, but for now, I'm just glad that she loves it and seems to be doing really well.
 I'm teaching JoJo Kindergarten at home and learning that boys are very different to teach than girls! He's doing great, though, and we're both enjoying it! I'm usually holding the baby during school, because he's not too keen on taking longer naps by himself. Some might say I'm spoiling him, but I prefer to say I'm enjoying him. I just can't resist his little snuggly body curled up against mine! (Which is where he is right now, because I can't stop)

First day of second grade!

First day of Kindergarten!

Other firsts...his first Sunday going to church, wearing a tux, because duh, when you're two weeks old style is important! And look, he's already praising the Lord!

The cutest little face ever

His umbilical cord stump fell off at only 6 days old (just like his sister!), so he got his first bath, which he loved and never made one peep!
It was a family affair, which pretty much every new baby event is in this house. This baby is oh so loved! 

My Mom leaves tomorrow, and while I'm dreading the goodbye, I am so, so thankful for the 3 weeks she was able to spend here. She has spoiled us rotten! Because I have such a big family, we don't get much alone time so time with just her after I have a baby is very precious to me. Hey, maybe I should start cranking out babies more often!
 Just kidding.

Tomorrow's Friday! Have a great weekend, friends!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Blissfully Exhausting

The past 12 days have been a blissfully exhausting blur of feeding baby, changing baby, cuddling baby, bouncing baby, kissing baby, staring at baby, repeat, repeat, repeat. He has been such a good boy--so laid back and easy going! He nurses like a champ and weighed 7.13 at his 2 week check up today.
 I have learned after 4 kids to let my body recover and rest as long as I can, which I'm blessed to do since my Mom is here to take care of everything else. I am forever indebted to her for the countless loads of laundry, cleaning, cooking, and most importantly, loving on my other 3 while Mommy is out of commission. While I'm exhausted, I can't imagine how much more exhausted and frazzled I would be if she was not here to make my post partum weeks easy and enjoyable.

My kids met their baby brother for the first time when he was just a few hours old, unbathed and undressed. For them to see him so new and fresh was something that I really hoped would happen God worked it all out! Nicolas was born a little after 6 on a Sunday night, which meant the kids were able to come right after church was over!

I'll be honest--I totally broke down and cried when they walked in, all smiles. There isn't really any way to describe the overwhelming feeling of joy I was experiencing to see all of my babies, meeting their newest sibling on the outside for the first time. Nathan was obsessed with my belly the entire pregnancy and would not go to bed without "kissing baby". He looked at my belly, then at Nicolas, back at my belly and said, "the other one baby is in there?" It didn't take him long to figure out that the baby had finally come out and he was so enthralled with his little brother from that moment. And obviously, he had been eating something very blue. ;)

Our first family picture when Nicolas was less than 3 hours old. 

My grandma and Aunt traveled down to visit, and it was so special to have them here with the baby just being born. Our time together was too short, but we had such a great time together. Anytime I get to spend with family from home is comforting and gives me just the boost I need.

"Grammy" meeting Nicolas

They adore their Nonnie

She is my biggest helper, like I knew she would be. She loves to dress him, change him and of course hold him any chance she gets.


Nathan had to make sure he had a ball to play with ;)

Nathan has been a handful and a half since the baby was born. He loves his little brother to death, but he's had a rough time adjusting to the change. I'm really hoping he turns a corner soon!

We got family and newborn pictures done last week, and I'm hoping to have them soon and share a few soon!
 Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!