Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We May Be Listening to Christmas Music

Where I grew up, we were eased into seasons and then it stayed that way for a while. At the end of summer you would start to notice the evenings getting cooler and start smelling the glorious Fall smell. Then the days were cooler too, and then it would start to snow and winter was here to stay. 

 In Texas, we are not eased into anything. We have a 70 degree day and suddenly it's 50 for a few days, then back up to 70's. I'm just happy we GET those cooler days, and we cherish them because they won't last long. The minute we sense the temperature dropping, we break out hats and hoodies and boots, even though we don't need them. We've been breaking out a lot of needless hoodies and hats this week, and it has put us all in the best Holiday moods. We may have even started to play Christmas music, against my strict no Christmas music before Thanksgiving policy.

The last few weeks in pictures, enjoying our Texas cold while possibly listening to Christmas music....

Quiet moments at home:

Italian mobster for Missions Dress up night

Family outing for frozen yogurt

Making paper snowflakes. Paper and glitter everywhere--it was so fun!

First sugar cookies of the year!

Halfway through the week! Have a great one, friends!


~SALLY~ said...

Well, I too have been "caught" listening to Christmas music too. It is SO cold here...just seems like the right thing to do. :) Love me some Christmas music. :)